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#unify is a movement-building platform that advocates for a transformation to new social, economic, and political systems for repair, justice and peace.




Creative strategy

Brand Identity

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Dr. Paul Zeitz

We were asked to design the new brand identity in a way that it could be flexible and grow with this global movement within the next few years.

The goal was to join forces with other organisations, parties and movements to combine forces.

#unify’s concept is one of weaving and intertwining. Joining forces for the greater good of the planet and humanity. The logo contains a hashtag, hereby making the logo more of a active verb than a noun.

The hashtag forms the basis of the idea of collaborating and weaving a new fabric for the future. Harnessing the power of collaboration and interconnectedness to create a united society that can drive transformative change to solve the polycrisis together.

Revolutionary Optimism Podcast

To respond to the challenging times we are living through, physician, humanitarian and social justice advocate Dr. Paul Zeitz has identified “Revolutionary Optimism” as a new cure for hopelessness, despair, and cynicism.

We are #unify

What are the solutions to the intertwined climate, economic and democracy crises of our time? Let’s move forward by exploring the possibities by reimagining  a new future together.